ICEB 2013

The fourth ICEB edition was held on 8th-9th October 2013 in Dortmund, Germany.

Matthias Haase


List of presented papers


Numerical Analysis on Surface Ductile Fractures for some Extrusion Conditions
F. Gagliardi, T. Citrea, G. Ambrogio, L. Filice

Simulation of Material Flow Coupled with Die Analysis in Complex Shape Extrusion
N. Biba, S. Stebunov, A. Lishny

On the Balance of the Metal Flow in Porthole Dies with Differently Sized Porthole Channels
H.S. Valberg, D. Nolte, Y. Abbas Khan

Optimal Design and Experimental Investigations of Aluminium Extrusion Profiles for Lightweight of Car Bumper
J. Zhou, X.M. Wan, Y. Li, Q.J. Zhao

A Novel Method for 3D-Die Design in the Extrusion Process Using Equi- Potential Lines
S. Tabatabei, M.K. Besharati Givi, K. Abrinia, P. Karami, V. Zal, S. Mirjavadi


Experimental Investigations of Friction Carried out with the Tribo-Torsion-Test and Frictional Modelling
C. Becker, P. Hora, J. Maier, S. Müller

A New High Speed Friction Test for Extrusion Processes
V. Sanabria, S. Müller, W. Reimers

Advanced Frictional Models for Extrusion Application
P. Hora, C. Becker, L. Tong, J. Maier, S. Müller


Finite Element Based Determination and Optimization of Seam Weld Positions in Porthole Die Extrusion of Double Hollow Profile with Asymmetric Cross Section
M. Schwane, T. Kloppenborg, N. Ben Khalifa, A. Jäger, A.E. Tekkaya

Comparison of Bulge Test Vs. Conical Expansion Test for Hollow Extruded Profile Characterization
B. Reggiani, A. Segatori, L. Donati, L. Tomesani, A. Terenzi, A. Salice

Non-Destructive Detection of Weld Seams in Extruded Aluminum Profiles
M. Engelhardt, N. Grittner, W. Reimche, F.W. Bach


Research on the Influence of Die Shape in Complex Extrusion of Multi Billets
M. Hoshino, D. Narahashi

Manufacturing of Steel-Reinforced Aluminum Parts by Co-Extrusion and Subsequent Forging
B.A. Behrens, A.E. Tekkaya, K.G. Kosch, A. Foydl, M. Kammler, A. Jäger

Improved Extrudability of High Strength Alloys Using an Optimization Method Based on a Combination of Experiments and FEM Software
S. Tomovic-Petrovic, R. Østhus, O. Jensrud


Metallurgical and Engineering Challenges in Magnesium Extrusion
W.Z. Misiolek

Prediction of Fibrous and Recrystallized Structures in 6xxx Alloy Extruded Profiles
A. Segatori, B. Reggiani, L. Donati, L. Tomesani, M. El Mehtedi

A New Constitutive Model Describing the Plastic Flow of Metals Application to the AA6082 Aluminum Alloy
M. El Mehtedi, S. El Mohtadi, S. Spigarelli

Tool Design Induced Anisotropic Flow Behavior of Hot Extruded Aluminum Profiles
S. Ossenkemper, M. Haase, C. Soyarslan, A. Jäger, A.E. Tekkaya