The input simulation data for the Benchmark will be available Fall 2016, please register and login on the right of the page!
The benchmark webpage requires a registration in order to communicate with you any update or explanations: registration is free and the submitted data will be used only to communicate updates on the benchmark data or settings (sorry for the bother registration procedure but we were completely spammed in the last days).

The benchmark session represent the most reliable way to compare FEM codes reliability for the simulation of an extrusion process in a single step and in the most fair and accurate conditions. Benchmark is organized with the specific intent of examining FEM codes capabilities and users’ knowledge in the simulation of an industrial case. Experimental trials, designed in order to put in evidence some critical phenomena, are performed under strictly monitored conditions by Conference Organizers.

Input data are provided in advance to interested participants (FEM users, industries, software houses, etc) on this webpage, but without any reference to outputs results. The participants are asked to fill the ‘data result form’ with the results of their simulation by a specified deadline in order to realize a ‘blind’ and ‘fair’ comparison of the results.

During the conference the experimental results are disclosed and the prediction of each code is analyzed in comparison with experimental data: such comparison allows checking the different codes approach and accuracy in the simulation of the performed trials. For the audience this is a way to identify which code better fits their specific needs while for the software houses and skilled users it allows to verify the sensitivity of their solving methods and simulation settings.

It must be noted that, due to the complexity of this matter, it would be useless to consider the benchmark simply as a contest: although every competitor plays at his best, this is an opportunity to fix some points about the everyday simulation practice, each participant with his own particular interest. With this aim, conference organizers will not award a single winner but, through the results form published in the proceedings, everyone will be able to easily compare the several FEM codes capabilities on the basis of their specific requirements. The conference organizers will also keep active the benchmark page on conference website after the end of the conference in order to provide, to the interested users, both the input settings of the problem and the experimental results.